System Test & Evaluation Method

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This method aims to determine the capability according to the cost-effectiveness structure in relation to the Logistics Process Cycle. The ultimate test is to verify that the system is capable of providing the required system functionality to meet the operational need. In this context the system test and evaluation activities start during the conceptual design phase and end when the system is phased out. Different test and evaluation methods are required for each life cycle phase. Based on the four types of tests, the following have been defined:

  • A conceptual design test;
  • A preliminary system design test;
  • A system prototype (first of class) test;
  • An operational (continuous evaluation) test.

The aim of all four tests is to prove that the system is capable of being cost-effective. The test structure and test program are based on system functionality specifications. To provide the knowledge and skills to set up and perform these tests, the following issues are worked out in detail:

  • Defining system functional material part breakdown structure;
  • Defining installation block diagrams;
  • System/installation performance modeling;
  • Capability assessment;
  • Test design method;
  • Capability testing & evaluating.
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