System Analysis Method

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The System Analysis Module aims to provide a method of obtaining qualitative insight into the Asset Management Control System throughout the (planned) life cycle. To achieve this a method has been designed in which the technical system and logistics process are represented as an integrated Logistics Process Cycle (LPC). To specify the qualitative AMC information, an analysis should be made for all different life cycle phases. The available methods and techniques for making these analyses have been specified.

A short list is provided as guideline or checklist for the LPC analyses in practice. Experiences confirmed the risk of ending up with a chaotic set of system data. The analysis according to the LPC demands continuous control in order to adjust and tune all actors involved. It has brought awareness of the following issues;

  • The importance of performance indicators and measure instruments;
  • The necessity of reliable performance/cost data;
  • The existence of a wide variety in actor vision and in (individual) objectives.

When the asset life cycle is reviewed, from conception to phase-out, the LPC should be considered two ways.


The Logistics Process Cycle related to the Asset Management Control Elements.

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