Functional System Breakdown Technique

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The functional system breakdown technique aims to define and represent the technical system in a functional material part break down structure. None of the functional system breakdown techniques found in literature represent the technical system in relation to system and cost effectiveness. A new technique was therefore developed. This technique is based on defining the relations between the operational functions required and technical functions needed to support them. Experience made clear that having the modeling preconditions (e.g. operational objectives, design approach/vision, extent of detail, etc.) defined by the system engineer responsible was essential to obtaining an unambiguous system breakdown.

The following LCM-systems design conditions have been composed;

  1. Clear definitions of the terms used for system elements are essential if a consistent breakdown structure is to be achieved. For instance, what is the meaning and the difference between operational need, operational requirements, operational activities operational functions, etc.? It is assumed that for clear communication as few terms as possible should be adopted and used.
  2. The system breakdown approach should be based on a logical reasoning that leads to the 'rules of the game'. System breakdown structures can obviously only be compared when they are composed according to the same rules.

To achieve a system breakdown method according to these design conditions, the following objective has been formulated: develop a system breakdown method that provides management insight into the system functionality in terms of cost effectiveness and system effectiveness (see figure 1-3).

This approach describes a functional system breakdown technique according to the following system elements:

  • System requirements;
  • Operational activities;
  • Operational functions;
  • (sub)Functions;
  • Functional packages (installations).

Next Figure illustrates the conceptual system breakdown structure according to the developed approach.

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