AMC Educatie en Training Module

(Deze informatie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels)   

The Training Module aims to provide a training program for all actors involved. A task analysis was carried out to define the training needs. The Training Module is divided into three training clusters:

  1. Team management;
  2. Systems (support) engineering;
  3. Process management.


LO disciplines related to the LCM-systems training clusters.

Within these 3 clusters 17 training courses have been designed. In 2003 these modules will be offered as a modular Master Course.


Team Management1. Organizational Learning
2. Communication
3. Organizing
4. Motivation
5. Team-building
6. Professional Approach
- thematic workshops
- training on the job
- individual coaching
Systems (Support) Engineering7. System Analysis
8. Logistics Support Analysis
9. System Test & Evaluation
10. System Support
- group teaching
- study projects
Process Management11. Asset Logistics Management
12. Information Management
13. LCM Need Assessment
14. Life Cycle Cost Budgeting
15. Actor Performance Analysis
16. Contract Management
17. Management Control
- group teaching
- study projects
- workshops
- simulation cases
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