Web-based PDM

(Deze informatie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels)  

The term PDM has been adopted from literature because it is widely recognized and it covers the area of interest quite well. Other terms used in this context are: Asset Information Management (AIM), Through Life Information Management (TLIM), Electronic Document Management (EDM), etc.

The developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) created new opportunities for a new PDM approach. One of the new features is the possibility of providing all kinds of data instead of just technical documentation. In particular the wide area network technology and the Internet applications, which connect all managers from top level to first line, have enormous potential.

In line with LCM-systems, the PDM approach for Asset Management Control has been adapted for the latest (proven) Internet and database features.

The web based PDM approach is primarily based on standard Internet applications. On the basis of these applications an PDM Intranet environment has been constructed as illustrated below.

In the Technical Data Center (TDC) all logistic data is collected, classified and edited in the correct layouts. Typical functions of the TDC are the web (site) editor and the web (site) master. The TDC can be seen as a support department for the systems and maintenance engineers enabling them to provide reliable and relevant information which is easily retrievable by the users (logistics actors).

The PDM Intranet architecture has been technically realized on a wide area network with a Windows NT operating system. This makes it possible to use all Microsoft compatible software and can provide adequate network management. For instance the Internet web (page) technology has been adopted by the RNLN as user interface for all business information. The conceptual web architecture is given in the figure below.

AMC Bilingual Web Solution, Version 1.13 (October 15th, 2008)
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