Chileense Marine Studie

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Study Focus: 'Cost Effective Management Control for the Assets (Ships) of the Chilean Navy'

This study focuses on the realization the Asset Management Control (AMC) approach into the CN to improve the cost-effectiveness of her ships seen as physical assets. It is recognized that the CN has at her disposal a huge amount of technical and logistic expertise and besides that also a well organized logistic information system ‘SALINO’. Based on these essentials, the introduction of AMC is aiming for:

  • the formulation of unambiguous requirements and objectives, to obtain improving insight and understanding of the systems, throughout the life cycle, for all actors involved;
  • the availability of reliable performance- and cost indicators to enable a structured way of improving the cost-effectiveness.

To achieve these aims the following questions should be answered. Is there:

  1. a view on realistic objectives?
  2. a reliable set of cost and performance figures?
  3. knowledge about the effects of control measures?
  4. knowledge about the environmental/operational influences on the system?
  5. knowledge about the actual state of the system?
  6. a clear view on the future lifecycle periods?
  7. sufficient data-processing capacity to process the required information?

To achieve an organization that is able to deal with this questions the following tangible results are aimed for:

  • an AMC Policy & Support Centre within the CN;
  • an AMC Training Program tailored for and integrated in, the CN;
  • an AMC for Frigates (AMC 4F) Pilot Study, resulting in:
    - an (international) LCM team for the M Frigates (in cooperation with the RNLN);
    - an LCM team for the L Frigates. 
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