Offshore Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Analysis

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The offshore wind / energy farming is a relatively new industry, but nonetheless promising. To bring this essence of these developments to the potentially interested, AMC T&T BV developed a virtual environment on the internet in which one can learn about the business around an offshore Wind Farm. The Simulation Portal (DGAME) uses O&M Year Scenarios to let the user determine the Operation & Maintenance approach of the Wind Farm for the selected years. The ultimate goal of this research is to generate a more realistic simulation. For this reason the O&M Year Scenarios has to be validated.

Main research question formulated:
To what extent are the current O&M Year Scenarios (maintenance plans) realistic and where are the opportunities for improvement?

For the DGAME there are a total of 8 O&M Year Scenarios, each Year Scenario has its own unique data that will result in a different output of the game. The Base O&M Year Scenario is the standard scenario, it includes the basic methods to keep the wind turbine farm up & running, the other 7 Year Scenarios are deviations from this Base O&M. In order to analyze the complex Year Scenarios, a model is designed to reduce the complexity of the Year Scenarios and to select the aspects that need improvement. The selection of the Main Validation Aspects of the Year Scenarios is done by analyzing all aspects in the three domains used in the O&M Relation Chart. All aspects are analyzed according to the information it contains and where this information is based on. The aspects that can’t be validated by trusted literature requires an expert opinion validation.

The validation of the Year Scenario Base O&M is done in order to achieve a new objective for DGAME. Re the DGAME’s objective: To improve from Simulation game to an assessment environment for offshore Wind Farm owners.

DGAME Objective:
Simulation Game -> Assessment Environment

To ensure that the research concentrates on the Main Validation Aspects that are assessed in order to answer the Main Research Question, a literature research approach has been executed. The literature research is designed according to Sub Research Questions related to the specific Main Validation Aspect.

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