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In search for a thesis that specializes in shipping management the link with Bucomar was made via professor Eddy van de Voorde. Ir. Michel Kuijer, director of Bucomar, had an interesting subject for a thesis. In his close relation with the Marinebedrijf he is involved with Asset Management Control.

John Stavenuiter is an employee at the Marinebedrijf and has invented Asset Management Control. He graduated in Naval Architecture but found his heart at the Marinebedrijf that has the responsibility of maintaining the fleet of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). In 2002 John Stavenuiter received his PhD at the Technical University of Delft for his research on cost-effective management of capital assets. Part of his research was a pilot project for the RNLN that delivered hopeful results.

Since then the Marinebedrijf is active in this field and has formed a team that is implementing AMC on the navy vessels. In order to give attention to the world and triggering companies to work with the innovative AMC theory, the AMC Centre was established. This is a knowledge and project network. Companies, who are interested in and can attribute something to AMC, can become partners. Ir. Kuijer is partner of the AMC Centre with his company Bucomar B.V.

The RNLN expects promising results of AMC and it could therefore also be effective for merchant shipping. This is not self evident because the fleet of the RNLN is much more complex and more expensive to maintain than a fleet of merchant vessels. When the RNLN is able to reduce their expenses of maintenance with only a few percent, they would probably gain return on investment in the first year. In the trade of merchant shipping the expenses are much lower but they do have the benefit of scale: large series in their fleets. This makes it possible to write off the costs on an entire fleet. Could AMC lead to a contribution to profit for merchant shipping? 

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