Enlarging the scope of AMC

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In line with the results so far it can be assumed that the research question derived from the RNLN is applicable in all kinds of organizations dealing with capital assets/complex systems. Investigating the possibilities for implementing LCM-systems in other logistic environments is suggested, e.g. army, air force, civil services, but also heavy industry, computer industry, automotive industry, etc..

An additional objective is enlarging the AMC domain as illustrated in the next figure. For this research the highest level of cost-effectiveness is related to the capability and dependability of the installations (system elements) regardless of issues such as: system handling/use, energy consumption or mission profile. During the case study it was noticed that also these issues could have a significant effect on the cost-effectiveness of the operational output of the total system. Further study is recommended on possibility and advisability of expanding the AMICO tool for operations and provisions also.

Related to this research a first step in this direction is made by a master's study carried out for the Australian Navy. This study was focused on the problem how to determine the asset functional and technical specifications, performance requirements, through-life support and associated property ownership issues in the context of an operational lease contract between the Australian Navy and a lease contractor.

Proposed enlargement of the Asset Management Control domain.

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