Integration of LCM models

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The need for integration of LCM-models has been foreseen by organizations with numerous different capital assets, e.g. a navy with several warships, an oil company with a large number of rigs, an airline company, with a large fleets of assets. In this type of organization AMC is often divided into several levels. For a navy this could be components/installation, installations/ship, ships/class, classes/task group and task groups/fleet. Integration of LCM models provides an opportunity to meet the objective, to be supplementary to or integrate with methods supporting organizational objectives (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning). Study is needed to provide an understanding of how the different levels of LCM-models (see next figure) should be related and integrated. In the RNLN a start to studying this issue has already been made.


An LCM Integration Diagram with respect to the RNLN.

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